What Are The Mistakes In The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner is a novel written by Khaled Hosseini, this novel shares the story of a young boy named Amir and his transition from childhood to adulthood. Amir makes many mistakes as a child, but the moral of the story is to focus not on the mistakes he has made, but how he has grown, and become a better man by redeeming himself for the mistakes he has made. The mistakes he has made mostly revolve around his friend Hassan, and his father Baba. Three of the most prominent mistakes are when Amir doesn’t help Hassan when he is being attacked by the village boys, lying to Baba about Hassan, and not appreciating and abusing Hassan’s loyalty to him. When Hassan and Amir are young the thing they enjoyed most was kite fighting. They both were very good at it, Amir would fly the kites, and Hassan would run them for him. Together they were a perfect duo. One day during the kite flying tournament in their town, …show more content…

Hassan would do anything for Amir, anything he asked Hassan to do Amir would do it. With this amount of power that Amir had over Hassan he was bound to abuse it. Hassan did not know how to read when he was younger, so Amir would read to him. Hassan would always ask Amir what certain words meant, and instead of telling him the truth Amir would lie and tell him the wrong definition of the word on purpose. Amir would do this so that Hassan wouldn’t ever learn the correct meaning of words and that would make Amir smarter than Hassan. As long as Amir was better than Hassan at anything it made Amir happy. "Read it again please, Amir agha," “Hassan would say. Sometimes tears pooled in Hassan's eyes as I read him this passage (Hosseini 29).” This shows just how serious Hassan felt about the books that Amir would read to him. How he deeply enjoyed learning from what Amir would teach him, just be listening to him

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