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Kittens are domestic animals that use the litter box. Young cats learn to use the sandbox when they observe their mothers using it, but sometimes kitties are taken from their mothers at an early age. Nevertheless, when kittens get to their new home the owner has to step in and teach the kitten how to use the potty container. In that case, some cat buyers can become frustrated trying to demonstrate to the domestic feline how to use the “restroom” properly. In addition, here are steps to instruct a kitten how to use the litter box.
First and foremost, the cat owner needs to buy the supplies for the training. The kitten owner needs to buy a litter tray, a litter scoop, and the actual litter. When the owner looks around the pet store, she or she …show more content…

First, the litter box should be filled about 4 inches from the base of the litter box. The owner should choose a place that is “Clean, quiet, well ventilated,” and a place that is not too cold for the winter and not too hot for the summer (Kunkel, 1991, p. 43). Places that aren’t recommended to place sand boxes by Paul Kunkel are in “the laundry room, in the garage, and the kitchen” (Kunkel, 1991, p. 42). The laundry room may be too loud for the kitten, the garage may be too cold and people may invade the kitten’s privacy in the kitchen. Kittens like privacy the same way humans like to have a door when they use the restroom so it is important to place the litter where the kitten won’t be disturbed. Kittens are usually scared of height so it’s important to not place litter boxes in a high location. After finding the right place to put the litter box, place the young cat in the litter tray so he or she can get used to it. When the kitten is in the litter box the owner shouldn’t scream at the young cat because the cat will see the litter box as a punishment or a place he is not allowed (Kunkel, 1991, p. 41). The owner should begin to scratch the litter to see if the kitten instincts come in; at this moment, kittens should be scratching the litter box and doing their business (Kunkel, 1991, p.

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