Knife Of Never Letting Go Character Analysis Essay

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Have you ever thought of defying the rules and doing something else? That is exactly what Todd decides to do in the novel, The Knife of Never Letting Go. In the book “The Knife of Never Letting Go,” Todd Hewitt, the main character, has many different personalities. He shows immense bravery as the book goes on, giving a sense courage. He also proves that he is very short-tempered when it comes to other people Finally, As the continues, Todd shows bravery. Todd’s bravery comes out when he has to help his friends. When Todd realizes that he has to rescue Viola from Aaron, he shows he is brave. “I need to find her.” (Patrick Ness, pg. 313) Todd is willing to risk his life in going after Aaron to rescue his friend when she is in danger. Todd…show more content…
One of the first few chapters, he already gives the reader a sense of short-temperedness. He doesn’t always agree with people and wants to do whatever he wants. “‘I ain’t leaving,’ I say, as they keep doing their stuff. “ (Patrick Ness, pg 42) He is short-tempered as to not leaving by himself when he is told. As you pass through the middle of the story, Todd meets a few new people and again is short-tempered about his knowledge this time. “‘It never did,’ I say, raising up my eyebrows. Hildy looks at me, her own eyebrows mocking mine. ‘Was it never? I must be mistaken then.’ ‘Must be,’ I say, watching her.” (Ness, pg 170) In this case, he is short-tempered because he argues a point that he thinks is right and he thinks no one else knows the answer to it. Finally, he is again short-tempered when he kills the spackle. He doesn’t let anyone talk and yells at anyone who tries to. “‘He woulda killed us,’ I say again. ‘He was terrified!’ Viola cries, her voice breaking. ‘Even I could see how scared he was.’ ‘He went for his spear,’ I say, lifting my head.” (Ness, pg 276)This shows how he was extremely short-tempered whenever someone talks to him. Although Todd is very nice, he has a very short temper that is shown throughout the book constantly. These examples show how Todd has a very bad temper. but it doesn’t last long. He will be angry one second and happy the next. Therefore, one of his personalities/traits is that he is very
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