True Grit Laboeuf Character Traits

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Throughout True Grit by Charles Portis, LaBoeuf possessed many character traits, such as arrogance, disheveled, short-tempered, and greedy. LaBoeuf was viewed as an arrogant person, specifically by Mattie. For instance, everyone was taken away when he walked towards the dinner table, “His grin and his confident manner cowed everybody” (Portis 71). Laboeuf also looked very disheveled when Mattie met him. When she met him the first night, she thought, “he needed a bath and a shave” along with some rest as he also looked tired (71). Laboeuf’s short-tempered trait was shown a lot through his actions that he brought upon Mattie. After Mattie kept following he and Rooster, LaBoeuf got sick of her and “gave me a couple of sharp licks with the switch”

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