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Kohl’s first opened in 1962 with one agenda in mind and that is “The Greatness Agenda”. It is outlined on their company website that they set out to deliver great products, outstanding savings, ultimate customer experience, memorable connections and, amazing teamwork (Kohl’s, 2017). This company strives and puts its customers first and honor integrity in terms with their associates and the consumers. Kohl’s has been delivering greatness for 55 years and counting. They offer various merchandise such as home, shoes and electronics however, they are mostly known as a clothing retailer. Kohl’s has done a really great job advertising; you cannot watch any scheduled program of TV without seeing at least 3 commercials about their latest sale going …show more content…

The first store was opened in Wisconsin in 1962 and they now have over one thousand stores in 49 states. In December 2015 it was reported that Kohl’s took in over 8 billion but the Macy’s retailer soared with capitalizing in over 10 billion (Bailey, 2015). Macy’s and Kohl’s are constantly at competition for the number one retailing department store leader. Yet and still there is no one leader between the two because they alternate between who takes the top spot every year in terms of sales but in terms of fan favorite Kohl’s has been number one for three years in a row according to Forbes. The biggest threat of the department store industry is the fact that they sell some many items that there is always threats due to consumers easy to find substitutions. Kohl’s is designed for the middle class family and sell name brand items for a discount and offer discounts and promotions for its customers. Some of the major factors that are causing the down ward trend are the online shops that are getting more popular. Consumers love the convenience of online shopping rather than going to stores and buying stuff. It’s becoming so popular that they even have a day set out for the online shoppers “Cyber Monday” that happens once a

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