Kurk Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron

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If everyone was made equal how is it fair to others? In the story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurk Vonnegut Jr, The year is 2018, people are completely equal, and they are the same in every way possible. There are people in the society being handicapped to be made the same as the other people in the society. The people who aren’t handicapped are the people who have “perfect” intelligence, strength, and beauty, which means that they aren’t that big of a threat. The superiors(intellectual people) are a bigger threat to the society, the so called “perfect” citizens are not a threat because they can’t process their own thoughts very well. The three classifications are handicapped, non-handicapped, and the government in this society. The system that the society used was called handicap, which was used to keep/make everyone the same as anybody…show more content…
There is more at work in the government than just handicaps. “The rest of Harrison’s hollowed hardware. Nobody have ever born heavier handicaps… If you see this boy do not, I repeat, do not approach him” (Vonnegut 3-4). The government doesn’t want Harrison to get loose because he can expose them, show the people the truth. Harrison is under handicapped and incredibly intelligent, he has many capabilities. All in all, the government is in complete control over the society because all of the categories are controlled by the government. The three categories are handicap, non-handicap, and the government. In the story “Harrison Bergeron” the society is built around at his system called handicap, if someone is handicapped it means that they are a big threat to the society. If someone is not handicapped it means that they are a perfect citizen, which means they have perfect intelligence, physique, and appearance. The government is the only group of people who aren’t equal to the others. If everyone is made the same is it really
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