What Is The Theme Of La Hija Natural

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There is a famous quotes that states, “One day you’ll be alone and regret the birthdays and holidays missed. You’ll regret not watching her grow up and being in her life you will regret everything and by then it will be too late. La Hija Natural directed by Letitica Tonos is a film that exemplifies a girl searching for a father she never knew after her mom past away in a accident. In the following paragraphs I will talk about the themes and contents that I have observed throughout this film. To begin, the opening scene starts with Maria eating ladybugs. She had a fetish for ladybugs even as she grew older into her teenage years. Her mother, Juana, was the caretaker and provider for Maria. As the movie continues you can see how Maria yearns …show more content…

The first is his character. He is always mean and unhappy. The second reason is the people believe that his home is cursed with the dead which is true. When Maria suddenly pops up in his life there is a certain shift in his life. He starts to become more protective and acknowledge that she is actually his daughter. Both Maria and Joaquin dreams about Juana. One dream that Maria had while there shows Juana walking with a red dress through a green field and Joaquin is wearing all white holding plantains. The viewers can predict that dream is an ideal image that she wished her father really was. Maria and her mother had just enough to get by. In the Dominican Republic the man is the provider in the home. By Joaquin carrying plantains in the dream demonstrates that he came back to Juana and they were a happy family. This is how she would like to picture Joaquin of course because she does not really know him as well. On the other hand, Joaquin had a dream where he told Maria to wait for him. I believe that this was a connection between Joaquin in Maria. Ultimately when Maria decides to leave on her own will he goes in search for her towards the end. This is a shift from not wanting her around to begging Maria to come

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