Lab Report For Pill Bug Experiment

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Pill Bug Preference to Moist or Dry Environment

Abstract: The Armadillidium vulgare, also called the pill bug, is a terrestrial crustacean. Crustaceans use their gills for respiration, meaning damp environments are a constraint to them. In this experiment two environmental variables were used moist and dry. The purpose was to see the behavioral adaptation of the crustaceans to the moist or dry environment and which they preferred. Due to their way of respirating it was hypothesized that they’ll prefer a moist environment over a dry. Results concluded that the hypothesis was denied and not significant.
Of the diversity of crustaceans, pill bugs pertain to the phylum, Arthropoda; Class, Mandibulata; Order, Isopoda. They became terrestrial through the modification of their respiratory organs. The terrestrial crustaceans transfer the moisture to the capillary water system which then transfers that moisture to the gills. Some of the crustaceans that adapted to dry areas have lost the capillary water system (Warburg, 1968). Some crustaceans have discovered land but they are mainly aquatic arthropods.
Crustacean’s use their gills for respiration. Gills are crustacean’s respiratory organs, as the water flows over the gills they oxygen is absorbed from the water (Edney, 1968). Due to the process of respiration with the …show more content…

A choice chamber plate was used to place the pill bugs and the 2 distinct environments. On one side a filter paper was moistened with pond water. On the other side the filter paper was left dry. Ten pill bugs were then placed in the center of the choice chamber plate and then placed under a heat lamp. They were left on standby for about five to ten minutes for them to stabilize and start choosing their preferable environment. Data was recorded every thirty seconds for ten minutes. In order to see if the results were significant or not the Chi-Square Distribution test was

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