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According to Psychology Today, Psychological Disorders can be defined as a psychological dysfunction in a person that relates to distress that causes a reaction that would not normally be expected otherwise. There are many different types of disorders that affect a wide majority of society today. One of these disorders is PSTD or Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder, a mental health disease that can develop after someone has experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event in their life. With this comes; terrifying flashbacks, nightmares, sleep problems, social withdrawal, and memories that don’t fade. Treatments can include different types of psychotherapy as well as medicine to manage and help minimize certain symptoms. Lady Gaga is a famous …show more content…

She explains that simple things like leaving her house, or getting touched on the shoulder by fans would trigger her into panic and having horrible flashbacks. She says it was an everyday battle with herself to calm her nervous system down to just be able to participate in normal everyday activities. Certain triggers would include memories of a certain time period where she was affected or distinct smells that were relevant to that time as well. She explains when triggers would be set off, it would often send her into flight or fight response, which would make her unable to talk. When this happens more than once, she said she would often fall into a depression. This is where simple everyday functions that weren’t hard before, are now almost impossible. Even the simplest of things like showering, became something difficult to do because of the illness. When this happens it obviously negatively affects her work because she is unable to participate in many activities and events, and has to cancel whatever was planned for that day. Sometimes PTSD can also make it hard to sleep throughout the night, leaving her unrested for the work day ahead or unable to function properly the next

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