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Whitney Houston Was Born On Aug 9Th In 1963,And She around about 7 or 8 years old where she first started singing in church. She was one of the Greatest Female vocalist of time. Her memory will forever live on Throughout The world and through the nations and every Country ,There are So many female vocalist .But neither one of the could match her voice. Being a black Vocalist at that .But to be gone and her legacy still lives on Whitney Houston had one daughter she name her after her daddy her name was Bobbi Christina And when you think about Whitney she had the greatest gift of all that indeed was her voice ,Also she made plenty of movies ,A few of her movies were Waiting To Exhale And another was The Body Guard. which was one of the most popular movies it also had J.ohn Cosonor in it .Whitney Houston has so has so many albums since she was a teenager Whitney Houston all so Did Cinderella with Brandy .She made music movies and books her things are all over the world in libraries and book stores as well .and through her music she tells most of and all of her stories from the beginning she always told a story through her music another great one was I Believe the children Are our Future .And I’m Saving all my love for You ,I Look To You She was a beautiful author through the songs she sang and through the movies she made .Whitney Houston Won a lot of awards she was very …show more content…

Very Strong Black And Intelligent A True Legacy from nation to nation and throughout the whole world .Whitney Houston Will forever live through our memory .Now Whitney had difficulties in the music

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