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Whitney Houston is a name that is recognizable just like Michael Jackson's. She had a singing and acting career that was out of this world which made her a household name. But, we have to know why she was a household name. Whitney was born into a singing family, being related to Aretha Franklin and Dionne Warwick who are both well-known singers. So, Whitney began singing as a gospel singer at a local church choir as a child where she got her start. Even as a young child, she was able to amaze the audience with her voice. While doing that she was constantly singing background for artist such as Chaka Khan. Near of the age of fifteen, she was already starting on her record deal with her mother. She was also down the route to become a model but …show more content…

She went on to release her debut album named Whitney Houston and just like that it was a smash hit. Over the years, her single records made the top of the charts and stayed there for a extensive time. That wasn't the end, she went on to write another successful album named Whitney which went platinum. To top off her success, she went on a world tour. Whitney was becoming known because of all the work she has done so now she gradually began becoming an actress. In 1922, she stared in a movie named the "Bodyguard" which is where she created her smash hit single of "I Will Always Love You". That song has such a hit that it dominated the charts for 14 long days which hasn't been done before. This went to earn her three Grammy and was named the record of the year and album of the year. She went on to do that for her other films, all them were thrilling tracks. Whitney may have had a successful career but her life was not in track. She was married to Bobby Brown until everything turned sour real quick. Their relationship was going down the wrong road, there was domestic violence and drugs involved which was messing up all the hard work to …show more content…

After all that she had gone through her life, whitney seemed to be having a comeback by releasing another song which let her feelings go called "I Look To You" and as always it was on top of the charts. She went back to going on tours but her performs were not that great because she start wobbling which would cause fans to leave the show before it ended. That wasn't the end to it, she would pull out of concerts and other performances due to poor health. She was continuing to get clean, so she decided to be another movie name "Sparkle" which would the last movie Whiney would starring in before she died. Whitney died in a Beverly Hills at the young age of 48 years old because of accidental drowning due to the use of drugs. Whitney's death left a void in the music world because we've lost a legendary star. Even though Whitney Houston is dead, she has influenced many other artists, here's a few. Beyoncé was influenced by Whitney by her vocals and most of Beyonce's life was surrounded by Whitney because Beyoncé loved Whitney. Now we have Jennifer Hudson who was inspired by Whitney the most out of all the other artist out there. Jennifer was in loved with every song that Whitney had and loved when she sang

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