Aretha Franklin Accomplishments

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There are many compelling voices that come to mind regarding the music industry, but none can compare to the "Queen of Soul" herself. Aretha Franklin, recognized for always demanding "R-E-S-P-E-C-T," was not only the ultimate female soul singer in the 1960s, but also one of the most prominent and powerful voices in pop history and an inspiration to women everywhere (Maslin). She formed a spectacular legacy over the past six decades in which she became the first female performer to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, won a total of eighteen Grammy awards, and was the most charted female in the chart's history; all of this, along with many other impressive accomplishments, put together helped to create the musical genre now known as soul music (Remnick). Her powerful voice led to an even more powerful impact on the music industry, and more importantly the world as a whole. …show more content…

Her mother, Barbara Siggers, was a gospel singer. Her father, Clarence LaVaughn, was the well-respected pastor of New Bethal Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan. Due to a troubled marriage, the two separated, and Barbara deserted her family when Aretha was only six years old. Barbara then died four years later of a heart attack. Aretha had three sisters, Carolyn, Erma, and Carl Ellan Kelly; She also had two brothers Cecil and Vaughn. The girls grew up competing with each other as singers, just wanting to shine (Manslin). Aretha and her siblings were raised mostly by their grandmother. During this time, Aretha began learning to play the piano by ear, and her love for singing and music grew more ("Aretha Franklin"). Aretha's father was shot and killed in 1979, and nine years later her sister Carolyn died of lung cancer (Bego

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