Rosanne Cash Accomplishments

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Was Rosanne Cash really in her dad’s shadow? Was she trying to get attention? Did she want attention or was she actually in his shadow? Nobody really knows. That’s what people are asking. Rosanne Cash had many faults, but that didn't stop her from starting a music career of her own.
Rosanne got her start and inspiration from her father. Her inspirations come out in her music. But they also come out in her family. Her father also inspired her by singing songs such as The Engineer's Dying Child and many others when she was little. He inspired Rosanne by caroling with her when she was young (Cash, 2010). Rosanne spent some time in London in the 70s for CBS and signed a contract for her music. That resulted in her first album, which is …show more content…

She had to figure out a way to get out of her father's shadow (Hau, 2010). Yes she had the accomplishment of getting into the hall of fame (Cash, 2010). After her father's death nothing else tragic happened (Loker, 2010). When Rosanne hears Sleeping in Paris, she sings along and nods to herself She thought she would be treated like a sideshow freak instead they thought of her as a little goddess. She is known for a couple of songs: Shackles and Chains, Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms, and Song of the South (Cash, 2010). Before her folks died, she didn't know how they had felt in her life until they were gone for good. She wishes they were still here, but it is a bittersweet kind of thing. She didn't escape her dad's shadow until he was gone, but Rosanne has not made many songs since 2006 and many people ask why. It meant a lot to her when she was out of her daddy's shadow. Rosanne wrote verses for songs such as A Feather's Not A Bird and Modern Blues, but everything else started happening during the adventures in the south that Roseanne and John had taken since 2011. But, there were partial leaks.
Rosanne wanted a chance in the south and she wanted her daughter to have the same chance. The people who wanted to make a music section of Arkansas State University asked Rosanne and her family if they wanted to help fund and restore her father's boyhood home. Rosanne was keeping her home in the South at a distance …show more content…

She does have to reel herself in once in a while so she doesn't give information about herself away. Her record label was tweeting under her Twitter name. She found out about Twitter from Kurt Andersen. Rosanne has met many people on Twitter that to her are considered real friends. It gets a lot of energy out and Rosanne has lots of energy. It was said to her face at a meeting. She had no idea people did it today and said it aloud. They would at least be nice and think it instead of saying it aloud. The people at the record company wanted to back a bad image of her, the marketing meeting for one of her records they said they wanted to make a different image for her. They wanted to make an image of her that she didn't like, and she complained to them about the image they were made for

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