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Aaliyah could 've been standing still as one of the most known pillars of R&B if she 's alive today. The untimely demise of this very talented artist has been so infected it brought the rise of women dominating a man-saturated genre. Truthfully, the thick voice, the always-on-beat dance moves and the sheer passion in singing made Aaliyah a superstar of her generation. Despite the fact that she 's been missing since 2001, the presence and musical mark that Aaliyah has left to serve as inspiration to a various lot of rising stars and her tracks are far well-remembered as sound tracks of modern relationships, young love and heart-wrenching separations. There are no words to explain how badly the current music industry needs an Aaliyah right now and all we can do is to succumb to the truth that she 's never coming back and her legacy is all that we can hold on to.
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Aaliyah 's smart and strong connections have truly helped her in cementing her name in the industry as she collaborated with an equally famous music conglomerate Atlantic Records with Missy Elliott and Timbaland is supporting her career. Her second album, One In A Million, is such an effective follow-up as it 's been patronized well and great by the general music audience amounting to eight million copies purchased worldwide. This is the time of Aaliyah 's career that her name is a staple to every music fast and list and this very album yielded famous songs such as Hot Like Fire, 4 Page Letter and If Your Girl Only Knew, all of which placing a respectable rank on US Billboard Hot 100. Aaliyah also managed to penetrate the Hollywood scene with the movie Romeo Must Die alongside the action superstar Jet Li and this is where Try Again was born and released. The last known album that Aaliyah has released is her self-titled compilation in July 2001. The heat 's on singing have been much needed as Aaliyah somewhat focused on being onscreen via couple of movie stunts and leads such as that on Queen

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