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  • Ella Fitzgerald Scat Singing Style

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    This paper explores how Ella Fitzgerald’s hopeful attitude has had an effect on the of her scat singing style development that made her a successful artist. Ella Fitzgerald is a jazz singer most known for her style of scat singing (Bauer). She did not have a background in singing or music as a child, but has great techniques including vocal textures, perfect pitch, three octave range, and near beautiful intonation (Ulanov 277). It is a wonder to all how she developed her style and one explanation

  • Walt Whitman's I Hear America Singing

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    I Hear America Singing In this poem, Walt Whitman is talking about all of the characteristics that America was founded upon. The people are taking joy in what they do. All the jobs listed are manual labor, they are the jobs that America was built upon. These workers are proud of the jobs they hold and are proud to be where they are n life, that’s why they are singing. Not everyone can sing at work. The jobs listed are blue-collard jobs, jobs that not a lot of people have a passion for, yet they

  • Music Therapy Personal Statement

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    Music has always been a big part of my life: it was the one thing I could always count on, no matter where I went; and that still stands true today. A mother’s voice is the most comforting sound to a baby: luckily my mom had the most beautiful singing voice. As a child I loved riding in the car with my parents, because it always meant I got to hear my mom sing along

  • Adele's Song Analysis

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    terms of singing. In her songs, I felt everything, including pain and joy, drive and hope. However, the most important characteristic of her songs is the soul that is felt in every particular case. The three of my favorite songs are “Rolling in the deep”, “Hello”, and “Skyfall”. Adele’s impressive voice, her skill of using it, and her determination to sing with all heart have definitely brought her numerous fans. The three songs will inevitably and equally stay the best examples of singing performance

  • Whiskey Lullaby Analysis

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    could end up hurting loved ones very deeply. This song creates a mood of sadness and mournfulness for an audience that have experience this type of situation being described in the song. Throughout the whole song the singer used different tones when singing different parts of the song. In some parts he also uses ironic phrases to help visualize the description being made. Tone shifts when the woman singer comes in

  • Family Duty In The Jazz Singer

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    In “The Jazz Singer,” Cantor Rabinowitz wants his son to become a cantor because it has been the family’s generations-old family tradition. Jackie refuses to do so and is persistent in pursing what he likes and dreams of doing – singing Jazz. This is a typical story in the second generation immigrant families in the early 20th century America. Even though this kind of story happens in many different ways, to different ethnicities, genders, the central idea is that the children of the immigrants who

  • Born Aaliyah Research Paper

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    of R&B if she 's alive today. The untimely demise of this very talented artist has been so infected it brought the rise of women dominating a man-saturated genre. Truthfully, the thick voice, the always-on-beat dance moves and the sheer passion in singing made Aaliyah a superstar of her generation. Despite the fact that she 's been missing since 2001, the presence and musical mark that Aaliyah has left to serve as inspiration to a various lot of rising stars and her tracks are far well-remembered as

  • Who Is Minnie Foster's Trifles?

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    Her husband was very cruel and strict and could not stand the singing of her bird, so one day the husband had snapped the neck of the poor singing bird with small piece of rope. This was the breaking point for Minnie Foster, so one night while her husband was sleeping she took a rope as well and chocked her husband to death. She re-created the scene of

  • Music Class Analysis

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    I heard the piano play our first song, my least favorite, was when I really felt the pressure. When I sung my first words and realized that everyone else was singing it wasn’t bad at all, I kind of enjoyed it. The other 3 songs were some of my favorites, so I enjoyed singing them. The last song gave me goosebumps once I heard everyone singing. This was the song that every chorus group all stood together and sung. This was the only song that I didn’t have fully memorized. When I got on stage it all

  • Comparing Blake Shelton And Chou Jay

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    Shelton wasn’t born from rich family, but his family seemed ordinary. He began singing, writing song, and playing guitar when he was young. Unfortunately, “On November 13, 1990, his older brother Richie Shelton was killed in an automobile accident, ” according to Wikipedia. That event depressed him in his life at that time but he never

  • Louis And The Angels Analysis

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    playing the trumpet and singing, and he is accompanied by several backup singers and an eight person band. This music is intended for listening, but with all of the songs having good melody and harmony, it could be danced to. The songs on this album are softer and have a pleasant sound and texture. The music is very comforting and the instrumental seems practiced and refined. The recording quality is good, the words and instrumentals are good and understandable. The singing on this album is very

  • Bohemian Rhapsody Essay

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    Listening Log 5-Part 2-Bohemian Rhapsody: Brief Description: The song, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, by Queen is a beautiful song. I am truly in love with song mostly because my cousin is such a big fan and that’s all we listen to when we drive in the car with him. Queen consists of four members, Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon. These four artists wrote the song and recorded with the label EMI and released it by October 31st, 1975. This song is a single from the album “A night at

  • A Comparison Of Al Jolson And Bing Crosby

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    exaggerated gestures, which is appropriate for the large theaters where he learned his technique. Furthermore, his loudness and exaggeration made him more stand out comparing to Bing Crosby. Jolson also has a dominant tone in his voice. Moreover, his singing style is energetic and extroverted. On the other hand, Bing Crosby sang in a smoother and quiet tone. He used a variety of dynamics in each phrase and used exquisite vocal to emphasize certain words.

  • The Legend Of Whitney Houston: African American Legend

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    Whitney Houston Whitney Houston, an African American legend, born on August 9,1963, was destined for her singing career. Her mother (Cissy Houston), cousin (Dionne Warwick), and godmother (Aretha Franklin) were all well known singers. Singing was in her blood. By the time she was 15, she had started trying to find a record deal by singing with her mother. She was then sought after by a photographer who was stunned by her natural beauty. This led her to become a model. Later on, she was signed by

  • Personal Narrative: How Country Music Changed My Life

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    dancing to country music. There were a lot of police there too. This was Country Thunder. Country Thunder is a very big music Fest for country music and it's about the same week as Country USA. I had a 4-day pass and I can see all the people who were singing. There are about 22 singers that are on the main stage and on the GAC Country Thunder Stage there about 18 singers. The GAC stage is the stage where not so “popularly” country singer play at. It was the best week of my life and I had so many great

  • Personal Narrative: The Cost Of A Click

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    Tommy Makem. He had eyes full of wisdom, and the voice of an angel. In his younger days he wanted to be an actor, he left his home in Ireland, and moved to New York to pursue his dream. An act that took courage that I wish I could have. Click, he is singing with Liam Clancy, he is in his late forties, there are patches of grey hair framing his slender face, and the gentle lines around his eyes communicate to the child inside me that knows that he has stories,

  • Linda Ronstadt: Let Nothing Come Between Simple Dream

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    downtown Tucson. “In addition to working in the hardware store and going to the University of Arizona in Tucson, he helped my grandfather on the ranches he owned” (Simple Dreams). According to Linda Ronstadt, her father “had a beautiful baritone singing voice. He often sang at local venues like the Fox Tucson Theatre, where he was billed as Gil Ronstadt and his Star-Spangled Megaphone” (Simple Dreams). Ronstatd’s father came from a family of musicians. “In the late nineteenth century, my grandfather

  • Loud Night Snoring Proposal

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    speaking with a friend who complained of loud night breathing, Alise Ojay, a composer and network choir director, designed a unique software of vocal physical games intended to reduce snoring as a result of lax muscle groups within the top throat: singing for Snorers. "The people maximum in all likelihood to get an awesome end result are the ones who've started loud night breathing as they get older," Ojay advised The Smithsonian. "As all of us find out, any place of our bodies we don’t work out will

  • Similarities Between Beyonce And Rihanna

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    careers. Both have a lot of similarities and also a lot of difference. Beyoncé Knowles was born on September 4, 1981, in Houston, Texas. When she was child, she performed in different dancing and singing competitions. At the age of seven, she won a school talent show singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” . Her singing talent was recognized by dance instructor Darlette Johnson started humming a song and Beyoncé finished it hitting a high-pitched notes. Her fame arose in the late 1990s as lead singer of Destiny’s

  • 'The Legend Of Jeanine's Dreams'

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    left side of Jeanine’s head with the word ‘Faith.’ J. Lee Hall explained, “The horse is symbolic of a natural gift. Let’s say there is someone who likes to sing. When they sing, they sound okay. Then there is another who wants to sing, so they take singing lessons and when they sing, they sound pretty good. And then, there is a third who loves to sing and when they sing, they have the voice of angels; without ever having a lesson or voice training. That is the energy of the horse!” The horse represents