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I enrolled in chorus class at the end of 8th grade thinking that it was just going to be a boring music class that was required to graduate. I haven’t been in a chorus class since I was in 3rd grade. By the end it was one of the most enjoyable class i’ve taken this year. It was a happy environment where you can be yourself, and have fun. I took a lot of things away from this course, and made a lot of memories.

At the end of the course we had to perform in two concerts at a local church. A couple weeks in advance we would go to the church during chorus class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I really enjoyed taking the bus and getting to leave the school for about a hour. The first day we went to the church I was kind of emotional because my family and I just held my grandmother 's funeral service there about a week before. We …show more content…

The night where we would all have to sing in front of 100s of people. I don’t like anyone could ever prepare you for what it was like to sing and stand in front of so many people. We were the last group to go up and sing. I felt a huge pressure because all of the honor and advanced groups sung before us. I remember the moment when we first stood up from the pues and took our first steps onto the stage. My row was the first to walk up, so that was a little nerve racking. When I heard the piano play our first song, my least favorite, was when I really felt the pressure. When I sung my first words and realized that everyone else was singing it wasn’t bad at all, I kind of enjoyed it. The other 3 songs were some of my favorites, so I enjoyed singing them. The last song gave me goosebumps once I heard everyone singing. This was the song that every chorus group all stood together and sung. This was the only song that I didn’t have fully memorized. When I got on stage it all came back to me. The second concert was about just the same just a little boring because I’ve already seen the concert a couple days

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