The Ripcord-Personal Narrative

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I remember, karate, a fair, a concert and a ripcord. These are the 5 most favored memories of mine. What are your top 5 memories? Read to find out the story of each of these pictures, I’ll be sure you’re ‘free falling’ down these memories.
As soon as I got there my 16 year old cousin, Austin started asking me if I wanted to go on the Ripcord. Of course I said yes. Every time we came he asked me over and over, so, I finally said I would go. He cheered and celebrated and that was the first ride we went to. He said it felt like free falling at first and I believed him, but I had to feel it for myself. The air smelled like chicken because there were lots of concession stands.We were getting strapped in and I grabbed the leathery bar to lock on and we were all of a …show more content…

Me and my family just had lunch, we had turkey legs, the turkey was greasy and tasted like barbecue. My sister and I were excited to get on. We couldn’t get on until ten minutes later. A woman had strapped us in a harness once we got through the gate. We had finally got on the bungee and grabbed the rubbery cords. A man had pulled me down and let me shoot in the air. I whooped and yelled. I tried to do a flip like the others, unfortunately I was too small. I got off the ride 5 minutes later. Then we left the park. I was going to the Imagine Dragons concert in Ohio. It took a 3 hour drive there, but it was going to be worth it. We had just got there and we decided to get lunch. We went to a sports bar. Later once we finished we went to the concert. We had to be checked by police. We got into the concert and found our seats. The place was amazing with so many people in the seats and colorful lights everywhere. The concert started. I sat back in my comfy chair and watched. As the music continued people stood up. So I stood on my seat because once again I was too short. The concert concluded and we left. That was the very first concert I went

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