Personal Narrative-A Memoir Of Kings Island

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Kings Island Memoir… “Are you ready for this?” I asked.
“As ready as I’ll ever be.” he replied.
“Let’s do this!” I said as we entered into the world of endless fun.
“Let’s go to the top of the tower.” I said.
“Alright bet.” he replied. So we went to the top of the tower in the start of the park,even though it was really high up it was really awesome. I felt like an eagle up high, I could see everything. Later we jumped on a swinging boat,the floor creaked really loud. It felt like the ship would sink.
“THIS RIDE IS PRETTY DULL!” i yelled. “Yeah to be honest, it sucks let’s leave.” he explained. Then we rode a roller coaster called the diamond back which is SUPER high up. We were super scared once it was going up then at that moment we went

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