Paw Patch: A Short Story

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Kevin shook his head. This is going to be harder than I expected, he thought to himself.
Afterward, the family had cleaned up in complete silence and Kevin retreated back to his room. How am I going to persuade dad to loan me money for Cromwell and me to attend Paw Patch? he pondered. He decided to call his friend, Zach, over, to avail him. About ten minutes later, Zach appeared in Kevin’s doorway, “Hey, what’s up?” Zach said.
“We have to persuade my father into allowing Cromwell and me go to Paw Patch.” Kevin answered.
“Why don’t you just take him to Paw Patch yourself and show him that it’s not that lamentable?” Zach suggested. Kevin’s head perked up from where he was sitting on his bed.
“That’s a brilliant idea! Why didn’t I think of
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The sooner the better,” Kevin answered.
The two of them walked to the living room where dad was watching TV. “Hey dad, we are going to check out Paw Patch. Please come, I know you said no already but it can’t hurt to at least check the place out right?” Kevin beseeched.
“Oh, okay fine, but we are only going to check it out.” dad said.
“Yay! Let’s go!” Kevin cheered. The family left and took Cromwell with them.
They got there fifteen minutes later. The training’s location was not far from their house. They opened the doors to the wide building. When they stepped inside a man wearing a button down T-shirt and khakis greeted them. “Welcome to Paw Patch. I am Alex, co-manager. I see you have a pooch. Would you like to sign up for training sessions? We are available Mondays. Tuesdays, and Fridays.” Alex said.
“We are just looking around for now, thank you.” dad responded.
“Well then, allow me to give you a tour of the premises.” Alex proposed.
“Okay,” mom
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They walked over to the first station where five hula hoops were set up. “First, we get the dogs warmed up with some exercises with the hula hoops.” They walked over to the next station. “Next, we have them run around and catch tennis balls from our ball launcher machines.” He pointed over to station three. “Then, we have them jump over these tires.” The group headed for station four. “After that, they leap over a couple of hurdles.” Kevin looked over at dad who seemed impressed. “And lastly, to tie all the exercises together we have, station five, which is the obstacle course. They jump over hurdles and tires, through hoops, all while catching tennis balls. It’s all pretty fun for both the trainer and everyone gets along just fine.” mom nodded looking
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