Personal Narrative: The Packer Game

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One Sunday night in October 2015 my dad went to a Packer game with a friend from work. On his way to the game my dad and his friend stopped at a party bus. His friend knew the guys that had the party bus so they stayed for a couple of drinks. My dad has always told me never to set your drink down because someone could put something in it. Well he should have taken his own advice because, he set his drink down for a bit then, when he went to pick his cup back up he ended up picking up a different cup that possibly had drugs in it. After a couple drinks my dad and his friend go into the stadium and find their seats. My dad only had 3 or 4 drinks at the Packer game and at the beginning of 3rd quarter they finally left to go home. My dads friend dropped my dad off at his car in appleton then, my dad drove home only to the edge of Oshkosh at the last stop light. He only made it that far because he got pulled over. …show more content…

“No, I wasn’t speeding was I?” My dad asked. “No you were swerving over the center line for the past couple blocks.” The cop stated My dad had no clue that he was swerving over the center line, in fact my dad doesn’t remember the football game or driving home till he saw the bright flashing lights of the cop car. The cop made him take the breathalyzer test and he failed it so the cop put the handcuffs on, put him in the cop car and drove off. In the back of the cop car my dad managed to grab his phone from his back pocket of his jean and called my mom. My mom was sleeping at the time but her phone was turned all the way up on the bedside table and it woke her up. “Hello?” She said confused. “Yeah, Pam I need you to come pick me up.” My dad said. “Why?” My mom asked starting to get

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