Personal Narrative: The Chicago Blackhawks

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On the edge of my seat I can feel my heart racing, just waiting for the clock to run down. We’re up by two and though I was watching the game at home, I could feel the energy of the crowd radiating through the television. Ten, nine, eight… the crowd begins to count down, my brother and I join in shouting, “FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE!” The buzzer sounds and the roar of the crowd comes rumbling through the speakers. The Chicago Blackhawks have just won, for the third time in six years, the 2015 Stanley Cup Championship, and as my brother and I danced around our basement chanting “We won! We won!” The overwhelming feeling of joy took me back to the 2013 Blackhawks parade. As I walked onto the train, my nostrils were flooded with the Blue Lines

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