Personal Narrative Essay: The Soccer Team

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Impossible is nothing. At first, I thought that trying out and making this team would be impossible. The soccer team, REAL Athletico, was a year older and the kids were more skilled, bigger, and stronger. However, I needed to try out for a new, better team, in order to get better and play soccer at any level in college. However, I didn’t want to try out for a new team and leave my comfort zone with my friends on the REAL Sliver. My dad told me to give Athletico a try and that’s what I ended up doing even though I didn’t really want to.

I went out onto the field very nervous and intimidated for the first day of tryouts. This team played in a league that competed with teams from all over the West called West Regional Premier. I was
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“Dad, I don’t think I can compete with these players,” I complained to him, “even if I make the team somehow, I’m not joining them.”

“That’s ridiculous,” he responded, “if you make the team that means that you are good enough to play with them and you should definitely play with them. There is a reason for them to choose you to be on the team…there not just going to give you a spot on the team to be nice; they’re going to give you a spot because you deserve it. If you don’t make it that’s fine, just go out there and do your best.” He said this to comfort me.

“I guess I’ll give it a shot.” I muttered and walked away, my mind unchanged about the issue.

To add to the situation, everyone else on the new team knew each other very well because they had been playing together for over 5 years. Only two other kids were trying out, but they were in the same grade as the team members. This made me feel very much like an outsider and not worthy of being on the team. Especially when one of them jokingly told me that I shouldn’t be trying out for the team. All of these thoughts made me even more nervous while trying out and I was convinced that it was impossible for me to play on the
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