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Ever since I was little, being on Clearfield High School drill team was always a big dream of mine since I saw them perform at multiple of their schools football and basketball games. My parents took me to my first dance class when I was three years old and ever since I fell in love with that particular sport. I was different from all of the other kids at my school because they always got to play with the other kids from school and I always ended up having dance, but I didn’t mind because that was where most of my really close friends was at my childhood dance studio. I grew really attached to everything about that studio. I loved the feeling it gave you walked in and all of your friends that I’ve known pretty much since I can remember run …show more content…

They taught me more than just learning how to dance. They taught me to have discipline, respect, and almost every class they would teach us a life lesson that has helped me a lot in the future. That was the big reason why I scared to try out for Falcettes is because I was afraid that I wouldn’t love the coaches as much as I did my dance teachers. I know a couple of my friends that loved a sport growing up that when they reached high school, the coach made it really hard to do good in school because of how much they practice. Sometimes coaches can make someone go from loving a sport with all their heart to hating everything about that sport so they quit. That’s why it was hard at first is because I was used to the way my old teachers taught things and everything was so different for me. When I was little I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be. At first I wondered why I even tried out for the team because I had to be at the school for practice at six in the morning, Monday through Saturday. But I kept telling myself that change is good and that things might be hard but things will always work itself out no matter how hard it is. So to this day I’m so glad that I kept telling myself that and now I absolutely love dancing even more and the people that are on my team means the world to

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