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Introduction The fur rubbed against my fingers. The bumps on the basketball gave me goosebumps . The prickly grass up against my legs. The wet floppy fish on the boat. The screaming and cheering of winning. These are my Memories. Read more to find out. Picture 1 Have you ever been in a situation where you want something really bad and you don’t know if you’re going to get it? I have. Well one Christmas night I was holding a little kitten we called her mittens because of her white paws. I as loud as a motor my dad was sitting on the other side and was sitting there playing with her and she started purring. That night we sat and opened presents. But I didn’t get Mittens. My dad put a picture on Facebook of which kitten we should get. There was a black Then we had to go to our moms. When we go to our …show more content…

I have. I was going to Columbia for a basketball free throw contest and I was very excited. I could make about 19 free throws out of the twenty-five in a row. I was very scared when we were walking in I heard the pounding of the basketballs on the court. It was very loud when you entered it and there were long lines to practice shooting free throws. I missed 1 out of the practice. Then we got into the real deal. I sat down with my competitors. I was the last one to go. I shot 22-25. I don’t know I did. This girl that shot right before me shot as good as I did so I was worried that I wouldn’t make it. I needed my score right away because I had a basketball game. So, me and my mom went up to the guy that ran this program and asked if we could get my scores now and he said yes. So, we went up to the trophy’s and the girl that went right before me was standing up there waiting and staring at the trophies the guy announced the score and said….I Won The Whole Basketball Free Throw Contest! I was so excited I got a huge big

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