Personal Narrative: My Sister's Cheer Team

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It was awesome when my sister’s cheer team Synergy got first place at her cheer competition and won a trip to Orlando, Florida. Then we went to The Mall of America and went to the amusement park and road rides. Then later we went to dinner with all the girls on the cheer team at Dicks Last Resort, i would recommend going here if you're ever at The Mall of America. For the reasons above this trip to The Mall of America was totally amazing. The mall was crazy. It was so crazy there was people everywhere and i could hardly hear myself speak. The mall was so big to it had 5 floor, three upper floors, one lower floor, and the main floor. I was mainly on on the main floor because it had it had a huge amusement park. Me and my friend josh went on a bunch …show more content…

That morning me, my mom, and my sisters went to the competition. It stunk we had to walk all the way there because the skywalk was closed and it was freezing cold. I was so tired because me and my mom stayed up tell 1:00 A.M. helping my mom make sign for every single girl that was on the cheer team. Right when we walked into the area where they performed its was so loud there was blaring loud speakers playing music for the teams. It was funny right before they did awards because they played songs well teams got ready and one of the songs was Hit The Quan. Then every cheer team there started doing the Hit The Quan dance. Then they started the awards. They read off by last place first so after they knew they were in top two the team was so happy, then when they said that Synergy got first place they went bazerk. It was insane how crazy the crowd got and how loud the chee team was. So that is why it was one of the funniest trips i’ve ever been on with my sisters. Going to the Mall of America, Dicks Last Resort and Having my sister’s get fist was amazing. When they won the trip to Orlando, Florida, that was awesome

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