Lady Macbeth Is To Blame For The Murder Of Duncan

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Lady Macbeth was a very powerful woman who was head strong in her decisions. Lady Macbeth was very wicked and did spiteful things like giving the soldiers alcohol to blame the murder on them. Lady Macbeth thinks that no one is going to find out about the murder of Duncan because her hands will be clean of the murder. Lady Macbeth wanted Macbeth to kill Duncan so he could be king. Lady Macbeth only wants the fame and fortune; she does not care about anyone’s feelings but her own. Lady Macduff is kind of jealous of her husband being away in a different country. She wonders how Macduff could leave his wife and kids and claim that he loves them. Macduff is obviously a father, but is he really? Lady Macduff knows Macduff is their son’s father,

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