Lamb To The Slaughter Summary

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One of the well-known writer Roald Dahl’s interesting short story is “lamb to the slaughter”. This story describes a life of a wife and her husband “Mary, who becomes murderer of her husband since he betrayed her. This story took place at early 1953 and the author used simple but suitable vocabulary to write his novel. Indeed, novel crashes genres that of fiction (realistic fiction). To further support my point the story reaches a comical climax in the dinner scene, in which the detectives eat the cooked lamb’s leg and discuss the opportunity of finding the blunt tool used to kill poor Patrick. Subsequently the action of the story begins to rise as Mary patently waits for her husband to return and continues to increase as it becomes clear that he is preparing to start the matter of divorce. Hence the falling action become interesting because she already killed her husband and wants to cover everything so she acts as an innocent woman as she sees her husband’s friends which are officers, and tries to hide the weapon by making them eat the leg’s lamb.

Moreover, the story is expressed from the third person limited omniscient point of view so that the readers can see warmth, cleanliness, and scene of the story through Mary’s eyes. Indeed Mary has shown as a harmless domestic character at …show more content…

Certainly there are a couple of moments of dramatic irony in "Lamb to the Slaughter." These are cases in which the reader understands more than the characters. The most clear of these occurs near the end of the story. Mary has called the police and the detectives are in her house. As they are eating the lamb of leg, one of the officers says in relation to the murder weapon that it is “probably right under our very noses.” This statement is literally true though the officer who says it has no idea what he is

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