Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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Backyard Landscaping Ideas: Time to Green Your Home

Spring is a time when you should turn your attention to enacting backyard landscaping ideas to renovate the area since the weather is ideal for greening up your home. Whether you select to increase the lushness of your lawn, plant a garden or add trees or shrubs to your backyard, the warmth and rains of the spring help your elements to thrive and grow. Before you proceed, though, you must make a landscape design plan to follow to ensure that you reach the ultimate goal of greening up your backyard.

Is a Lush Lawn Your Goal for a Landscape Design? If a lush lawn is the right landscape feature for your backyard, you may be starting it from scratch. When this is the case, you will need to till the soil with that economical piece of second hand farm machinery that you purchased recently. The soil must be a fine texture down to a depth of at least, six inches to ensure that the roots of the germinating seeds can reach out for the necessary nutrients and moisture from the soil to ensure the grass grows in the optimal manner. In addition, you may need to add amendments to your soil to enrich it prior to planting the seeds. Your local extension office will test your soil for free upon your request.

Another important element of starting a new lawn
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Your second hand farm machinery once again will be useful for preparing the soil for these areas. Draw a layout of your garden design ideas to ensure that your separate areas do not overcrowd your backyard. You need to provide the plants sufficient space to grow and expand. In addition, sketch in the plants you plan to add to these sections. Remember that you need to place shade plants together and full-sun plants together. On top of this, group those plants with similar nutrient and water needs in the same
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