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The Meaning of Langston Hughes’ “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”
Langston Hughes was born a traveler and a writer. He always wrote about experiences and thoughts through his journey in the world in his eyes. He would soon become a major influence on the Harlem Renaissance and change the style of poetry forever.
James Mercer Hughes better known by “Langston Hughes” was born February 1, 1902 in Joplin Missouri. His father James Nathaniel Hughes and mother Carrie Mercer Hughes. His father ended up moving to Mexico. His mother moved all around the United States. Hughes was raised by his Grandmother for most of his childhood. He eventually moved in with his mother at age 13 to Illinois. This time in his life Hughes started to be inspired by poetry. …show more content…

He went to a school where there were only two black kids and the rest were white. The school had a problem with racism and stereotype Hughes(“Langston Hughes” 3). One way they stereotyped him was by making Hughes class poet. Not because of his talent but because they said “Negroes have rhythm”. Hughes in high school was very simple. He went to Central High School in Cleveland, Ohio. After his time and classes he graduated in 1919(“Po Boy Blues” 1).
After Hughes graduated high school moved in with his dad in Mexico. He stayed there for about a year. He moved once he was accepted into Columbia University. His father was not supportive of him going to Columbia University(“Langston Hughes” 3). After Hughes moved out he moved to New York and went to school. While his time in college he always had odd jobs. He was an assistant cook at a New York restaurant. Hughes also worked as a launderer(“Po Boy Blues” …show more content…

Some people didn't like his political views. He went to Russia in 1931 to shoot a film. He was against going into WWII. He always denied writing anything about his political views in his novels and his poetry. Because of these things people began to think he was a communist(“Langston Hughes” 3). He was not only judged by white people. Black people didn't understand or like the way Hughes was making a living. Black people also didn't like that they had very mixed crowds in his gathering when he was mostly speaking about and for the black people(“Langston Hughes”4). He was very much criticism for his sexuality. Some believed sometimes in Hughes’ writings that he would put homosexal codes in them. Some believe that his homosexuality was the reason him and his father never saw eye to eye. Many times Hughes has denied that he was homosexual. Hughes has always had something in his way but it never stopped him from continuing his literary career(“Langston Hughes”

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