Language And Imagery In The Poem Dreamer By Dorothy Rose

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“Dreamer” is a poem written by Dorothy Rose that takes place in the first person. The poem tells the reader about the meaning of dreams. The poem takes place mostly inside a dream that the narrator is having and her journey through that dream and what she sees and experiences in those dreams. This poem explores dreams and what they represent to the narrator. In “Dreamer,” the writer uses similes, metaphors, and imagery to suggest that dreams can be protection from the real world for people.
The poet uses a simile to explain to the reader that when she is enveloped completely in her dreams she feels young and energetic. After falling completely into her dream the poet says, “Feeling as carefree as a child at recess,” (Rose 2) to tell the reader just how much freedom her dream grants her. She is free in her own imaginary world and she has escaped the world, she can do what she pleases
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After the first stanza, the poet says, “I watch as dozens of fish and sea creatures swim around me, /the scene is as lively as Disney World,”(Rose 7-8) this helps the reader imagine what the dream is like. The poet is in an ocean and surrounded by sea life and creatures she’s never seen or experienced before. The scene is full of movement and energy, there are many different types of fish and other sea creatures all moving around the poet, she is bewildered by the variety of creatures around her. This helps to explain to the reader where the poet has escaped to in her dream.
In “Dreamer” Rose express to the reader what dreams mean to her through the use of similes, metaphors, and imagery to paint a picture for the reader. Using these literary elements we can attain a clearer understanding of how dreams can be an escape from the world and its problems for some people. When faced with issues some people retreat into their safe haven, dreams, and dread going back to the real

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