Larsen And Toubro Case Study

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Larsen & Toubro
Balance Sheet: • Weighted average share price at the date of exercise for stock options exercised during the period is 1452.14 (previous year: 1540.11) per share.
• In respect of stock options granted pursuant to the Company’s stock options schemes, the intrinsic value of the options (excess of market price of the share over the exercise price of the option) is treated as discount and accounted as employee compensation over the vesting period.
• Expense on Employee Stock Option Schemes debited to the Statement of Profit and Loss during 2012-13 is 85.41 crore (previous year: 156.73 crore) net of recoveries of 6.18 crore (previous year: 10.52 crore) from its group companies towards the stock options granted to deputed employees,
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cash credits and demand loans. The secured portion of loans repayable on demand from banks of 209.26 crore (previous year: 132.58 crore), short term loans and advances from banks of 124.75 crore (previous year: 420.76 crore), working capital facilities and other non-fund based facilities viz. bank guarantees and letters of credit, are secured by hypothecation of inventories, book debts and receivables.
• Short term loans and advances from banks includes loans amounting to 10.21 crore r: 254.88 crore) availed under bill discounting facility and are secured against specific receivables.
Trade Paybles and Other Current Liabilities: Tangible Assets: 1. Cost/valuation of freehold land includes 0.14 crore for which conveyance is yet to be completed.
2. Cost/valuation of buildings includes ownership accommodation:
(i) (a) in various co-operative societies and apartments and shop-owners’ associations: 82.58 crore, including 2340 shares of 50 each, 232 shares of 100 each and 2 shares of 250 each.
(b) in various co-operative societies and apartments and shop-owners’ associations : 20.92 crore for which share certificates are yet to be

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