Nt1310 Unit 2 Business Essay

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Document A Businesses went from low income friendly to high-income friendly. Low-income housing decreased in Woodward from 1995-2012 -Social housing increased from 1995 to 2012 It would have been better to live in Woodward in 1995 because the properties are low income friendly and more people have the opportunity to live there. Many people in Woodward in 1995 would be put in the stereotype that low-income people are committing crimes Gentrification is not okay because many people in the world have issues with finances. We need to have housing for the people who may not be as wealthy as others, and the type of city Woodward was in 1995, more people could live there without have to worry about money Document B Businesses were hesitant to move to the Downtown Eastside because of the current environment of the area, with lots of drug …show more content…

Document C Everything from businesses and life expectancy to crime rates increased Businesses opened in the DTES to help make money for the area to help people with less wealth Since people can get better salaries, the amount of low-income people have decreased Businesses are growing, welfare has increased by 13%, and life expectancies significantly increased People in the DTES who have low incomes can state that crimes have increased, housing has become more expensive, and the population is increasing, therefore people with low incomes lose the chance to buy affordable properties Document D Rent rates and hotel pricing need to be reasonable for lower class citizens so that they can have a proper living state. The number of hotels providing cheaper prices decreased over the years because the number higher class citizens and businesses have increased and tourism rates are

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