Lesage Quebec Capacity Case Study

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In order to improve the socio-economic level of French-Canadians, Lesage’s chief aim was the modernization of Quebec (Babich & Béland, 2009, p. 264; Pious, 1973, p. 56). The Lesage government initiated many institutional reforms in the zones of education, health, and social welfare (Gossage & Little, 2012, p. 233). For instance, in 1961, Paul Gérin-Lajoie, minister for youth, revealed an increase in the age for compulsory school attendance from fourteen to fifteen and a plan to supply free textbooks to all students (Gossage & Little, 2012, p. 233). Furthermore, Quebec also took over health care from the Church, making Quebec the only province to decline the national pension plan in order to form the Quebec Pension Plan. As a result, the Lesage

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