Lian Hoe Gold And Jades Case Study

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Lian Hoe Gold & Jades Company Profile and Product Description Company Profile _ Lian Hoe Gold & Jades, formally known as Siew Choo Fengshui Consultations & Online Fengshui Store, is Singapore’s one-stop Fengshui products, consultation & online services. It is located at Park Rd #02-09 People's Pk Complex S(059108). Qi is the term used for the invisible forces that bind the humanity with Earth and the universe. This is discussed metaphorically in feng shui practices that are found in landscape ecologies and architectures, homes, workplaces and other public areas. Even Disney acknowledged that Feng Shui is an important Chinese culture. Feng Shui has helped a lot of people to live prosperous lives. It is believed to have healing purposes, guidance to business and success, and elements that bring peaceful atmosphere to homes. For Feng Shui enthusiasts, the placement of physical objects is believed to channel nonphysical energies that have effect on balance and harmony.…show more content…
They have a wide range of feng shui products such as auspicious animals (cats, dragons, horses, etc.), crystal products (bracelets, balls & trees), Buddha figurines, key chains and a lot more. Lian Hoe also specializes in jade products. Jade is believed to be a symbol of purity, gentleness and nourishment. Lian Hoe is your trusted Feng Shui product retail store in

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