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The Chinese practice and exercise of Falun Gong has a short history. But it plays an important role in China for political reasons. The history of Falun Gong is only ten years old. But the ideas and practices is based on a tradition throughout the entire history of the Chinese civilization. The practice is a different form of qigong. The cultivation of qi or the energy that flows throughout the human body and the universe, has been a theory in many different practices of Chinese culture. Even the traditional Chinese medicine is partially based on the theory of qi. During the ten years history, Falun Gong has developed millions of participants and followers. It also got a lot of attention from many others including the Chinese government. However …show more content…

Therefore, I call it a world," the designer of the symbol says. (Falun Dafa) Li Hongzhi wrote the book Falun Gong explaining the practice qigong itself, the practice of Falun Gong specifically and its relation to qigong and Buddhism in 1993. (Falun Dafa) The book also contains descriptions and illustrations of the exercises of Falun Gong along with other information related to these exercises and their importance, as well as the goals and aims of practicing Falun Gong. (Falun Dafa) In 1995, Zhuan Falun, the book that was published after Falun Gong was more in-depth in topics of its predecessor along with further information. It includes Falun Gong’s relation to Taoism, “the question of eating meat and the issue of attachment,” and cultivation and enlightenment. (Falun Dafa) Other books and articles were written is following several years. However, “As a matter of fact, no matter how many more articles we publish, they are merely complementary materials to Zhuan Falun. Only Zhuan Falun can truly guide a person's cultivation. It contains inner meanings that go from the level of ordinary people to incomparable heights. As long as you continue to cultivate, Zhuan Falun will always guide your elevation in cultivation," according to Master Li. (Falun Dafa) Shortly after the Zhuan Falun was published, Li Hongzhi left China for

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