Daoism And Legalism Dbq Research Paper

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Chinese culture was greatly affected because during the invasions by the nomadic tribes, philosophy gave hope to the people. The three philosophies are Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism. Confucianism was started by Confucius, who wrote The Analects, around 551 BCE. Daoism was started by Laozi who lived around the same time period as Confucius. And Legalism was started by Hanfeizi during the Zhou Dynasty.

Confucius believed that there is an order in the universe. The key idea of Confucianism is that it is political and ethical and not spiritual at all and the idea of filial piety, or idea that everyone has a specific place or job in a community or family. As in document 1, Confucius wrote “ Filial piety and brotherly respect are the root of …show more content…

The Dao or ¨the way¨ is a universal force and the guide to all things. The way is where all creatures live in harmony except humans. Instead humans must find a way to relate to nature without riches or power. The way states that you should not fight over good and bad and accept things the way they are. The good and bad should be balanced out like the Yin and Yang. Yin is supposed to be cold dark and mysterious while Yang is supposed to be warm and bright. The quote “shoulder Yin and embrace Yang” means that evan though there is both good and bad, you can choose to block out the bad and embrace the good. No changes must be made to the world around you that might even the slightest bit effect and change the possible future. The behavior people must follow is to act in harmony and be humble, quiet, and thoughtful. “And the one who has the way does not abide in them” (document 7). Meaning that the people who have “the way” do not participate in wrong doings and is peaceful. Daoists believe that being in total peace, evening the good and the bad, and not changing anything will make them one with the Dao but also living in harmony just like the

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