Daoism And Confucianism Similarities

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Similarities and Differences between Confucianism and Daoism Doaism and Confucianism are the top two ancient styles of living in China, where they both originated in 550 B.C.E (before common era). I believe that Daoism and Confucianism are both the top religions/styles of living in Ancient China, while they have some similarities they are much more different than they are similar. Both are not only ways of living but, they are a way of life. Confucianism is the belief in setting good examples for other people to follow. They are based off of the five key relationships of the ancient chinese society. The first is ruler and subject an example of this would be that the ruler would be expected to be kind and generous to his subjects, and the …show more content…

The third is younger and older siblings, older sibling were supposed to be considerate toward their younger siblings and in turn the younger sibling are supposed to be respectful to their older siblings. The fourth is friend and friend, the confucianism categorize this the same as the older and younger sibling relationship. The last relationship is father and son, fathers are taught to be kind to their sons and sons are taught to be obedient and listen to their fathers. Confucius also called Kongzi or Kongfuzi in chinese is the founder of Confucianism in 770B.C to 476B.C. He devoted his whole life to education and he had around 3,000 disciples. He also believed that political order would be found by the proper ordering of human relationships. He said that a good government must be filed with people who are well educated and consciences people which are called Junzi. Chinese people built temples to commemorate Confucius. Confucius temples are also called Kong Miao in Chinese. Temples are where people of confucianism worship, and the most known temple is Qufu in Shandong Province. It consists of the cemetery of Confucius, temple of Confucius, and the confucius family …show more content…

The Tao is not a thing and it is not seen like a God because it is not worshipped, it is more of a system of guidance. It is best described as “developing oneself so as to live in complete conformity with the teaching of the Tao.” Daoism is a religion of opposites and unity. It is where yin and yang started and the principal of it is it sees the world as filled with complementary forces. Daoism practices include meditation, which is concentration or mindfulness or visualization. Another practice is Feng Shui which is the study of creating elements that are aligned with the natural flow of the universe. Lao-Tzu was a Chinese philosopher and he founded the system of Daoism. Daoist follow Dao through WuWei which is complete detachment from competition and activism and choosing to live in harmony with nature instead. The use this philosophy instead of having any government or empires, they just have small self sufficient communities. In the life after death if immortality is not attained then the Tao will continue to evolve and manifest into different forms. Some Daoists believe that Buddha was a student of Lao Tzu but there is not concrete evidence of that. In Daoism there is no distinction between men and women. Both are only seen as manifests of the

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