Comparing Dao In Confucianism And Daoism

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t Comparing the Dao in Confucianism to the Dao in Daoism, similarities or differences Dao in Confucianism represents the entire normative human order. The Dao in Daoism antedates Tian and acts as the basis of the natural order. While in Confucian Dao they hold the ideal political-social-ethical order ordained by tian for the people. Confucianism encourages their perfectibility through self-effort the teaching of ethics and good movement. The primacy of the Confucian Dao requires superior human beings, sages and men of virtue to exert their highest effort to actualized its ideal design. While the Daoist purpose as the pro creator of the cosmos and everything in it to recognize the universal importance of the human body, physical …show more content…

Confucian says “if I can hear the Dao in the morning I will die contented that evening!” For the reason being that in his time men of virtue and uprightness must take it upon themselves to protect and preserve this ideal or civilization would be doomed only when men of power are unwilling or incapable to uphold their order. Daoist from the beginning hold Dao as their primary source of the cosmos. Daoist are self-consciously they express a decidedly alternative understanding of the Dao and ideal human action. Dao is not only the deep transcendent entity that gives rise to all things but also the immanent core that exist in all things making all things equal. In Confucianism Ren and Li enable one to preserve the Dao, when an individual’s Benevolence and the proper manners or behavior pattern combine, a mystical power is produced with human and spiritual relations. Only through ritualized interactions with others and with the spirits can one realize one’s full potential as a human being. Daoism Dao is the primordial entity that exist in an undifferentiated state prior to the coming into being of the myriad things. Daoism evolved out of the same ancient Chinese religious mindset as Confucianism

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