Liberation Theology Vs Religion

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Do you think it’s ethical to use your religion as a way to dominate and control others or instead use it to unshackle and help the oppressed? The latter describes liberation theology and the primary describes how mainstream Christianity used their religion. In this essay I’m going to explain how Jesus as liberator and Kairos time shows that liberation theology and mainstream Christianity are on the opposite ends of the theological spectrum. Liberation theology believes in equality and socialism and mainstream Christianity believes in domination and capitalism. I am also going to bring up how the new method shows how liberation theology is a better alternative to mainstream Christianity, as it shows how by following liberation theology mindsets on many…show more content…
So anything they do they do have to reflect what Jesus preached and did like choosing to live his life like the poor to emphasize how unhealthy and selfish it is to live like a king when there are so many people that don’t have anything. On the other hand, mainstream Christianity uses their religion as a way to make them feel more superior than everyone else that doesn’t believe in exactly what they believe in. They use this belief of superiority to justify the domination of others like Christopher Columbus did to the Native Americans when he came to their land. He thought they were savages just because they were different than him and didn’t believe in the same God as him. Mainstream Christianity supports this idea that they are the only ones that deserve privilege. “The people to fear the most are those who claim that they know exactly what they-and-we must do” (Brown, 58). This quote shows that therefore mainstream Christianity is something to fear and not support because this way of thinking will only lead us to wars, death, and division, which was seen in the Thirty Years’ War and the Spanish Inquisition, and the genocide of Native
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