Life In The Late 1800s Essay

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Life in the time of late 1800’s was marked by rapid change, due to the effect of factors such as urbanization, the flourishing of America’s big businesses, the enormous advances made in technology, as well as other things. Due to the numerous advancements made in technology, such as developments in heating, the invention of elevators, as well as innovations in transportation, urban growth was immense in the late 1800’s. Due to these factors, people from all around America, as well as immigrants from other countries, were drawn to city life in the United States. A major challenge that people faced in their day to day lives in America during the late 1800’s were undesirable conditions in the workplace. Due to the fact that American Big businesses were largely unregulated, they were given free rein to develop procedures and systems that focused on primarily on making profit, at the expense of the common workers safety, health, dignity, and leisure time. Workers laboured on average 59 hours a week, with some working as much as 84, leaving little time for enjoyment of leisure time and personal hobbies. Also, with minimal concern being given to their safety, work related injuries and deaths were dreadfully high, with …show more content…

While some work is still inherently dangerous by nature, government regulations have made the workplace far safer today when compared to its state in the late 1800’s. Also, child labour is a thing of the past and families no longer have to send their children off to work to provide for their family. However, the wage gap continues to widen, and certain groups, such as immigrants and women, still struggle for equal treatment in the workforce. Although many issues remain, America still continues to make progress towards resolving that have been present since the late 1800’s, as well as new ones that have

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