Literary Analysis: A Boys Will By Robert Lee Frost

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Frost Analysis Robert Lee Frost, a poet who is considered one of a kind during the twentieth century, and also known as one of America’s greatest poets. “Ezra pound wrote that “ it is a sinister thing that so American... a talent..should have to be exported before it can find due encouragement and recognition”.(Roberts 837) Frost was born in San Francisco, California on March 26, 1874 and attended Lawrence High School where Frost began to write. He Graduated high school in 1892 and shared Valedictorian honors with Elinor White, who became his wife and then married in December 19, 1895. As the new century dawned upon the Frost family, tragedy would strike for the first few years. Their first child passed away due to contracting cholera in…show more content…
Frost continued to face hardships for no American Publisher was interested in his poems which led Frost and his family to move to England in August 1912. Later on a small London publisher David Nutt accepted submission of Frost’s collection and “A Boys Will” was published in 1913. Shortly there after many of his poems would begin to become popular with the crowd in England. Due to England’s involvement in World War I, Frost decided to move back to America where a Holt, a publisher would continue solidified Frost reputation through his famous pieces of literature “ The Road Not Taken”, “The Oven Bird”, and “Birches”. By the 1920s Frost became America’s most important poets and would win the Pulitzer Prize in 1924. It is known that his most famous moment in history is the honor of reading a poem for the inauguration of John F. Kennedy. At the age of 88, Frost passed away on January 29, 1963. Frost was and still is considered one of America’s greatest poets for his literature and since his death his reputation has not diminished. Writing in 1999, Joyce Carol Oates stated, “Frost influence is so persuasive in American poetry, like Whitman’s, as to be beyond assessment. His collected poetic works continue to earn him
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