Literary Devices In The Veldt

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In the story ¨The Veldt,¨ by Ray Bradford, the parents are to blame for their deaths because they let the kids and themselves have too much time on the technology. The Veldt is about being in the future where technology took over the parents and the kids lives. The parents wanted to have an easier life so they bought the house without knowing what was to be. The kids thought it was great and got way too attached to the technology. The parents didn 't do anything to stop the kids and the led to them getting really spoiled. Earlier in the story, the kids are told that the nursery was getting shut down after the parents realised that the technology was taking over. The kids went crazy and started screaming and crying. They were super spoiled and so were the parents. As by that, showing that the technology had taken over their lives way too much. As the story says,” The children flung themselves onto a couch, weeping.”"George," said Lydia Hadley, "turn on the nursery, just for a few moments. You can 't be so abrupt. No. You can 't be so cruel..." This shows that the kids were very spoiled and crying a lot for the nursery going down as the parents thought of it as vulgar and not right. This is showing us that you shouldn´t give way if you are making a point. Later on in the story, the kids killed the parents because they felt the parents were being unreasonable and wanted to keep the nursery. This shows that the kids spent so much time and got so attached and addicted to

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