Human Nature In 'All My Sons'

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Literature has had a deep impact to human nature either implictly or explictitly. There are numerous short stories in which you can glean the context of human nature such as greed,pride and selfishness. Through a great deal of time Literature has provided us with deep insights to what our human nature actually is.
For example, if we take the short story "The Yellow Wallpaper" contains many insights into human nature. The story focuses on a young married woman who is suffering depression and her wild obsession with the wallpaper. The narrators husband John can be considered the villain of the story although this is subtly implied. John can be classified as being ignorant as he thinks he knows what is best for his wife and disregards her opinions …show more content…

The play contains strong elements of guilt,shame,selfishness. "All My Sons" arguably contains the biggest insight into human nature as it reflects the darkness of individuals and how individuals can committ a sin and carry on living with that sin for a majority of their lives. Guilt is a central theme in the play as it is revealed that Joe Keller has entirely blamed the death of twenty-one pilots on Steve Deever and this concluded with Steve Deever falsely being convicted of a crime he has not committed whilst Keller walks home free. The injustice of the story is astonishing and it shows that human beings can be selfish as far as ruining someone else 's life rather than their own. Another theme is blame as each character in the play has a different experience of blame. Joe Keller tries to blame anyone and everyone for crimes during the war first by letting his partner go to jail. Later when he is confronted with the truth he blames business practice and the U.S. Army and everyone he can think of except himself. When he finally does accept blame after learning how Larry had taken the blame and shame on himself Keller kills himself. Chris meanwhile feels guilty for surviving the war and for having money, but when the crimes are revealed he places the blame squarely on his father 's shoulders. He even blames his father for his own inability to send his father to prison. These are just a

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