Literature's Impact On Human Literature And Human Nature

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Literature has had a deep impact to human nature either implictly or explictitly. There are numerous short stories in which you can glean the context of human nature such as greed,pride and selfishness. Through a great deal of time Literature has provided us with deep insights to what our human nature actually is. For example, if we take the short story "The Yellow Wallpaper" contains many insights into human nature. The story focuses on a young married woman who is suffering depression and her wild obsession with the wallpaper. The narrators husband John can be considered the villain of the story although this is subtly implied. John can be classified as being ignorant as he thinks he knows what is best for his wife and disregards her opinions by forbidding her to write in her diary which the narrator claims bring a sense of "relief to her mind". The plot of The Yellow Wallpaper is simple yet effective as it lets the readers have a peak into the mind of a disturbed person. The narrator is described as an highly imaginative person who from a very young age has been frustrated from the reality of life such as creating imaginary nighttime monsters. She also relishes in the fact that her house may be haunted which can be percieved as she is a woman who is looking for some excitement in her life and is struggling with the state of her mental health. The narrators ' depression becomes more and more clear as she starts personifying objects especially the wallpaper. The wallpaper
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