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Company, Product Category and Competition: The product I am going to analyze for this forum is Live Crawfish. When I was young, my family had a small crawfish pond that was harvested with a push boat. Though I have been out of the crawfish business for several years, it is always been an interest of mine. A couple of my close friends are in the crawfish business and I live in a small community surrounded by farmers, whom I am always questioning about the market. For this forum, I also conducted a couple of personal interviews to get the latest information on this ever evolving market. The live crawfish industry that I have specifically chosen is the sale from the crawfish farmer himself. The two competitors I have identified would be …show more content…

Customers choose these alternatives due to availability, consistency, and price. Each of these meets also provide an endless amount of derivatives, while live crawfish is commonly boiled. Strategic Group The first strategic group in the live crawfish industry include farmers in a geographic area that all sell to the same distributer or the same group of distributers. There is overlap among these groups, but the logistics of getting live crawfish to a distributer limits diversity. Within these groups, it is common for farmers to keep in constant contact with one another comparing size, catch, and price being offered by the distributer. On average, a farmer will have a mix of large and small crawfish, sometimes referred to as “field run”. The other two strategic groups are farmers who supply very large crawfish (typically low volumes) or supply high volumes of very small crawfish (referred to as peelers). The group of farmers who grows very large crawfish typically do not limit themselves to a local distributer, but will sell to the highest bidder. The group of farmers that have small crawfish, typically have to find a peeling plant that will take …show more content…

A person cannot just take a sack of crawfish from a farmer and pour it directly into a cooking pot. Rice straw, dead fish, and all types of other foreign debris remain in the sack. In addition these crawfish strait from the farmer are not purged and contain intestinal waste. For some, the constraint is not cleaning the crawfish, it is trying to find a place to buy some. If I wanted to cook steaks for 20 of my friends, I could go to Sams, Walmart, or just about any meat market and I could pick up these steaks. This is not so with crawfish. The availability and ease to access live crawfish is very limited, especially in an area such as mine that is surrounded by crawfish ponds. Unless you know someone, such as a farmer, to buy live crawfish on a random basis is very

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