Long Day's Journey Into Night And The Glass Menagerie Analysis

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Kamila Słowikowska The Family as Depicted in Eugene O 'Neill 's Long Day 's Journey into Night and Tennessee William 's The Glass Menagerie One of the most popular theme in the modern American drama is the family. Thaddeus Wakefieled called it "the central subject of American Drama"i. The family functions as the basic social unit in the society. It has a great influence on every individual as it shapes one 's perception of the world. Therefore, this topic is universal and common in different literary forms. However, what considerably distinguish the American drama is the personal approach towards the family and its dysfunctions. The greatest examples of such an approach provide Eugene O 'Neill 's Long Day 's Journey into Night and Tennessee…show more content…
The drama tells the story of the Tyrone family that takes place in their summer house in 1912. Although the action starts in the morning and lasts until late evening, the readers become acquainted with the past events that have become the source of numerous conflicts among the characters. The family consists of four members- Mary, Tyrone and their sons- Edmund and Jamie. What is very significant in O 'Neill 's masterpiece is the fact, that the drama is autobiographical. John Patrick Diggins calls Long Day 's Journey into Night "a theater of therapy for O 'Neill to work out his own emotional problems with his family"iv. In many ways the Tyrones resemble the members of O 'Neill 's own family with morphine-addicted mother, stingy father, and the sons abusing alcohol. One of the central problems of the family is Mary 's return relapse into drug addiction. She has become addicted to morphine after giving birth to Edmund. Jamie blames Tyrone for his stinginess and hiring cheap doctor who prescribed Mary drugs to relieve her pain. The men often argue over Mary 's relapse into addiction but none of them is able to confront her directly. Moreover, they let her deny that Edmund suffers from consumption. She prefers to believe that the problem does not exist and avoids discussing the

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