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Nowadays a lot of new programs are popping up every day. They promise to solve all problems that PC users may have. And that is true; those who have a computer (basically all of us) face different problems all the time. Then we go to the Internet and try to find a solution. Sometimes it takes a lot of time, sometimes there is no solution at all. It would be much more comfortable to have a program near at hand that can help to solve problems in no time at all. Here you have Long Path Tool at your disposal. It is a unique program that combines simplicity with functionality. It is a file management tool that can copy, move, rename and delete any file or folder in your operating system as well as with solving other problems. It is developed for…show more content…
Half of them cannot do what you need, another half promise a lot and do nothing. Tools, that can really do work are either too expensive or very complicate. Long Path Tool stands out from other software. It has many advantages that make it the best choice. The key ones are:  It is very simple to use even for beginners, the design of Long Path Tool provides user-friendly interface and simple navigation through many options.  It is very fast and can find long filenames, pathnames and folder names in no time at all. Quickness does not influence on quality: the program has no bugs or errors and do not damage your system. It can search for files and folders and show them to you.  Whether your system is very slow or Windows version is old Long Path Tool will work on it. There are no any special requirements or restrictions. The only thing you need to have is Windows OS.  If you try to delete files and folders with long names you will receive a mistake like Error cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk or Cannot delete file or folder The file name you specified is not valid or too long. But sometimes you have to delete these files, especially when they were created by viruses. Long Path Tool can help you with that. Just drug and drop the file and press the Delete
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