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“My squad is my family, my gun is my provider and protector and my rule is to kill or be killed.”(Ishmael Beah)”A long way gone”was written by Ishmael Beah and published in 2007. Ishmael Beah was very happy kid he was really close to his family but they were seperated when the war happened with the rebels, later on he was caught by the rebels but he was able to escape, the rebels killed all his family so he was recruited by the army, they gave him drugs so he wouldn’t feel anything he had no emotions. The three most important scenes in this story include when Ishmael was alone in the jungle, when Ishmael was in the army,and when Ishmael was NYC. The first most important moment in “A long way home” is when ishmael was alone in the jungle with …show more content…

In conclusion Ishmael was going insane because he was alone he had no one to talk to and he couldn’t sleep at all. The second most important scene in “a long way gone” is when ishmael was capture by the army and ishmael becomes this kid that has no feelings he was just like a killing machine.This is an important moment in the memoir because now ishmael knows the other side of the story that most of the soldiers were taking drugs that’s why they were like killing machines. One quote from the book that exemplifies this aspect of the book is “in the daytime instead of playing soccer in the village square, i took turns at the guarding post around the village, smoking marijuana and sniffing brown cocaine mixed with gunponder.(121) This quote is important because it shows the reader what they were giving them to stay awake and don’t feel anything, it also shows what ishmael had

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