Lord Of The Flies: A Narrative Fiction

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Once upon a time, in a small house lived a boy with his parents, his name Jack. Jack was 10 and he is the only child to his parents. He had a strange wish which is flying like a bird, wished to have wings flying high and see everything from up. Jack spent most of his time at his room, playing with different paper planes. He has a big box, in this box he collected different types of planes and kites and some he made them by himself. Jack enjoyed his time alone making planes while boys at his age playing football and having fun together. His parents knew about Jack's dream but they were poor and can't afford plane's ticket.
Mother: Jack, I wish I have enough money to … "Mom don’t be sad, I don’t want plane's ticket, I want to fly like a bird freely" Jack interrupted his mom
Father: son, you can't fly, you don’t have wings like birds!
Jack: I will make wings for me and fly.
" Hahahah" Parents laugh, "you can't fly don’t waste your time" Father said
Jack went to his room sad, " no one encourages me, nobody can understand, I don’t care I will make wings to myself" Talking to himself
Midnight went down, and jack at his window staring at the sky, seeing a lot of shining stars. The moment he …show more content…

He lost consciousness for a moment, and then he woke up "where am I?" Jack wondering
He realized that he fell into a hole and injured his leg" how I am going to get out of here". He tried to climb the hole's wall but he couldn’t because of his injuries, he was afraid that nobody will find him and he will die, "help, help me please" cried
No one was around, his family was worried about him looking for him all day and they called the

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