Lord Of The Flies Persuasive Essay

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Lord of the Flies Persuasive Essay By: Melanie Lopez Guzman “Evil is not born, it's made” (Gena Showalter) in the book The Lord of the Flies by Willam Golding defines this quote. The Lord of the Flies displays a group of boys ages four through thirteen that unexpectedly crash on an tropical island in the Pacific Ocean which leaves them stranded. The cause of this was the island was making them evil and turned them against each other, therefore people are not born evil. Nevertheless they had to find ways to collaborate and manage their way through the island by exploring. The boys had to use their survival instinct to survive through tough situations, though they had no rules or punishments and the island changed the way they lived. There …show more content…

Jack never followed the rules to begin with making him do whatever he pleased with no grownups present “The rules shouted Ralph. You're breaking the rules! “who cares?” (Golding, 70) indicating the rules were never followed anyway so no one tried. The freedom was endless which made them savages, since Jack and his choir boys were always following the rules, they let loose completely. The boys never had self control and it wasnt a good idea leaving only boys on one island with no rules. The boys werent born evil, they were made evil. Apart from no rules, they had a beastie present which also made them savage hunters “Bollocks to the rules!! were strong!”-we hunt if there's a beast, we'll hunt it down! well close in and beat and beat!” (Golding,70) the boys only protected themselves if anything was going to happen but since there was no beastie present they let their thoughts flow to the point of killing the boys just for the dumbest reasons, for example Simon . Evilness took over the innocent boys they were, which made them think that he was the beast. The rules werent set first so everything got out of control, the boys lacked civilization which made everyone follow one leader, Jack which led them all to evil

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