Lord Of The Flies Reflection Report

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The novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding is about a group of young British boys that were shot down in a plane during the World Wars. This book is about their quest for survival. In my essay I will share my personal reactions, connections, opinions and insights about this book. This book has made me think a lot about what life is like on an island. There were many reactions that came across me as I was reading this book. For example I thought they would be more organized and want to help one another build huts and survive. But many of them wandered off and went out and had fun. Another example is I thought they would have found meat quicker than they did. They struggled for many chapters to try to find meat that would help sustain them.…show more content…
This book shows many things that I might do differently. First of all I think that if Ralph was a little bit nicer than maybe towards the end of the novel no one would have turned against him. If he listened to everyone and not demanded everything it would have been better. Another opinion that I have is that I do not understand the role of the Lord of the Flies or the beast. What is his purpose throughout the story. Third of all is they should have listened to Ralph because the only way they could be rescued was from the smoke that the fire produced. If they listened to him and did as he asked they could have had a much easier time on the island. Fourth of all Jack should have never turned on Ralph because he had the best ideas and chances for survival. Also things were much calmer and more humane during the time that Ralph was the leader over all. And Piggy nor Simon would have died if Jack never turned on the rest of the boys. Lastly why did the twins give up where Ralph was hiding. They were all together until they turned bu then they helped Ralph after they turned. I think they needed a reason so they could protect themselves. Those were my personal opinions and questions about the

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